About me

My name is Vlad, 23 years old now. I'm from Belarus but I live in France since 2005.

At the age of 16, I started tweaking FL Studio on my PC. I was really a "basic of basic beginner in music" at this moment! If I show you what I did those days, you will probably ask me, "what's that fucking shit!!?? I never heard something worse!!" ! haha
When I look back, that was really a piece of shiiit compared to what I do now! LOL. But you will tell me, it's normal... you was a beginner, but I will tell you that some people took a faster road than me. I was really a fucking noob those years..

So! Then I growed a little bit and worked a lot in House and Electro music styles, but I didn't found my real style yet. In early 2013 I discovered the Trap Music genre and I totally fell in love with that!
And now I'm really into producing EDM Trap Music, with my personal touch of course :P. Never wanted to copy someone's style! Many inspirations etc, but no copy/paste. ^^

If you like my stuff, enjoy it, share it via the Soundcloud share button, like me on Facebook (and acces ALL THE FREE DOWNLOADZ) and do all the cool shit you can! It's pretty a lot you can do for now if you want to support me!

That's it, I talked enough I think..

Stay trapped, cause each month I release something new, so don't forget to check it ;)